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  • Новинки парижской выставки Canon Expo 2015. Репортаж ZOOM

    27.10.2015, CNews.ru

    Не секрет, что помимо фотоаппаратов Canon делает и видеокамеры, да и фотоаппараты у них славятся хорошей съёмкой видео. Тот же Canon 5D Mark II нередко называют самой дешёвой профессиональной видеокамерой — автор этих строк лично наблюдал, как несколько таких 

  • 5 Star Wars Eras We Need to See in Video Games

    26.10.2015, IGN

    we're going to instead examine different eras within Star Wars canon. There's a deep, rich history that spans thousands of years that many fans don't know about because much of it hasn't been covered in the movies. Turmoil has existed in the Galaxy

  • Halo 5: Guardians Review

    26.10.2015, Den of Geek!

    Editor's Note: We didn't feel we spent enough time with Halo 5's multiplayer component to judge it fairly for this review, so this review is based solely on the campaign portion of the game. Once we have spent some more time with multiplayer, we will

  • Take a Tour of Technicolor Cities Around the World

    26.10.2015, WIRED

    “I wanted to break these cities down to their most basic colors and shapes, an aesthetic that is illustrative and flat,” Thomas says. The Melbourne photographer is wandering the world for the project, and so far has visited Australia, China, the UK

  • 'John le Carré: The Biography,' and Frederick Forsyth's 'The Outsider'

    26.10.2015, New York Times

    In Vienna he told a rich woman he'd have her paintings cleaned and sold them instead. When things were good, there This instability proved too much for le Carré's mother, Olive, who decamped early, running off with another man and abandoning her

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